Burro Builds Episode 17: $400,000 Ford F100 on a trophy truck all tube chassis

What do you get when you want a street legal trophy truck? Well if you are the guys from Camburg racing you throw a 1972 f100 cab on it and there you go. Camburg is making a few of these for the guy who wants the ultimate race / play truck that can remain “street legal” with a Vin.

*$400,000 with maxed out options. Pricing starts way cheaper for roller and you can finish it up for around $80,000 to 100,00. The sky is the limit with this platform. You choose how to build it . As Camburg mentioned complete trucks start at $175,000 and there is an option to purchase and finish it yourself for $35,000

It features the whole same suspension platform as the Kinetic trophy truck with some chages to the tube layout to allow the cab and doors.

@Cabocustoms was lucky enough to get a look at it all mid build and bring us this video. Who else cant wait to see it done ??? We will be checking on on these builds often. If you want to get in line on an order contact @camburgracing ASAP
they are booking up fast!

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Built by @camburgracing
Chassis @kinetiktrucks

Cab 1973 F100
Engine 442 LS
Slip Cab
Shocks coming soon