Burro Builds Episode 2: The Box Runner

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We are back with another episode here of #burrobuilds.


Today we have a tube chassis that has been ripping up the midwest for a year or two. Im a big fan of these original home grown builds. Send it #burrobuilds



– Owner/builder: Matt kunzi, Cody Cuson, Travis Trolard  @boxrunner74

Make: Chevrolet

Model: C-10

Year: 1974

Chassis: Tube chassis

Weight: 5600lbs

Engine: Sbc 355, 420hp

Transmission: Turbo 400

Cooling: Griffen radiator, electric water pump

Shocks Front: #FOA

– Shocks Rear: #FOA

– Suspension Tuning: Just adjust till it feels right 🤙🏻

Wheelbase: 94”

Wheels: 17×9 method race wheels Double Standard

– Tires: 37×12.5×17

– Fuel Cell: Jaz fuel cell 40 gallon

– Steering: Saginaw gear box

– Hubs: Factory chevy

Rear Housing: Ford 9, 4:56 gear, posi

– Seats: Beard

– Seat Belts: Crower racing harnesses

– Guages / Dash: 4

– Communication: Rugged radios

– LIGHTS: Hella

Extras: Tons, everywhere you look there is something to check out

– Watch it on: IGTV