Burro Builds Episode 6: $700,000+ AWD Trophy Truck for Andy McMillan

A very special world exclusive look at the brand new AWD Trophy Truck for Andy @fishgistics was lucky enough to stop by mason Motorsports before the team was packing up to to leave for the #baja400. This is the trucks first race and Andy's first time in a AWD.


Take a look at what a 1000 HP, 149 MPH going all wheel drive trophy truck looks for the current point leader in the Score International race series Mr Andy McMillan.

burro-builds-ep-6-7 burro-builds-ep-6-4 burro-builds-ep-6-8

Huge Thank you to @fishgistics for the co lab on this project and thank you to Andy for letting us check out the new ride! Good luck

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- Builder: @masonmotorsportsinc #AM31AWDTT

- Make: Mason Motor Sports

- Model: AWD

- Year: 2019

- Chassis: Mason Motor Sports

- Weight: NA

- Wheelbase: NA

- Engine: 1000 hp +

- Transmission: Paddle shifting

- Cooling: NA

- Shocks Front: Fox with shock coolers

- Shocks Rear: Fox with shock coolers

- Suspension Tuning: NA

- Wheels: KMC

- Fuel Cell: 105 Gallon Carbon Fiber

- Steering: Swingset Mason

- Rear Housing: Tube works with ofset dif

- Seats: Cobra

- Seat Belts: Impact Belts

- Gauges / Dash: 2

- Communication: Msat  Radio, Race Radio

- Lights: Rigid with over 42 lights ( for baja1000)

- Extras: Mid motor All wheel drive state of the art Trophy Truck from Mason, Hoon handle, Motec system. Safecraft fire system. $8000 carbon fiber Air conditioning system to blow cold air into helmet. Custom doors on fuel filler. Offset diff. 2.2 mpg

- Hubs: Mason Motorsports Portal

- Shocks: Fox with shock coolers

- Tires: Toyo

- Watch it on: IGTV