Burro Builds Episode 8: Robby Gordon Stadium Super Trucks

Thanks to Jax for this special edition #Burrobuilds with @Robbygordon We are stoked to announce that Young 14 year old Jax will be racing SST in 2020.

Jax is climbing up the ranks of young drivers with so much seat time in so many different vehicles. Being able to battle with legends liek Robby is going to escalate Jax’s skills behind the wheel.

Now back to these 650hp utv sized mini trophy trucks. The whole concept and series was dreamt up and created by RG. Its some of the most entertaining racing to watch and fans go nuts at what these machines can do.


– Builder: @RobbyGordon

– Turbo 400

– Motor 650 Hp

– Wheel base 105″

– Width 72″

– Travel Rear 26″

– Travel Front 18″

– Onboard fluid collection tank.

– Steering like drift car !!

– Thanks to @ssupertrucks @robbygordon @jaxredline

– Watch it on: IGTV