Burro Builds Episode 10: Offroad Porsche The Baja 911

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I first laid eyes on this ride at or around SEMA 19. I was blown away at the details and the overall look of the build. Its built to perform and looks like the cleanest porsche buiids I have ever seen.

Best part is this showcar is getting used with tons of dirt test miles and a plan to race the #norra500. Thanks to Rullel built for taking the time to give us a look at this awesome ride. Please go follow him for all the build pics and updates @the_baja_911 #safari #offroad #trophytruck #norra1000 #porsche #porsche9111

  • Model 1991
  • Drive line AWD
  • MOtor 3.8L motec ECU
  • POwer 360hp
  • BODY all body panel is fiberglass and custom.
  • Width 7″ wider each side in front and 6″ wider each side in rear
  • Tires TOYO @toyotires
  • Travel Front 12″
  • Bolt in tower and A arms
  • Shocks 2.5 c/o
  • Travel Rear 13.5″
  • Seats Sparco
  • Guages Motec
  • Switches Motec and PDM30
  • Milspec wiring
  • Lights by bajadesignsofficial
  • Fuel Cell Pyrotec
  • Dual Fuel Pumps in Tank
  • FUel cell 17 gallons
  • full size spare