BajaKits long travel raptor 4 link

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Here is a little update on the build progress. As usual thing snowballed a little. The old cage was just not up to the job to say the least. re cage the cab and tie it into the rear cage provided by Bajakits. The truck is on its own weight in the rear and looking great. The whole crew really put in some long hours the last week or so. Next up is plumbing, electrical and some loose ends then off for Paneling.

Pretty exciting to see the truck again after a few months. We are able to talk over a bunch of the next steps and I got fitted in the Corbeau seats which look and feel awesome.

Also Featuring

  • Rear End by currieenterprises
  • Shocks By kingshocks
  • Seats corbeauseatsusa
  • Cell Harmon Racing Cell
  • Glass fiberwerx
  • Wheels methodracewheels
  • Lights by Bajadesigns