Motorsports Wiring supply list from Trophyburro Milspec !

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Welcome Wiring guys. Here is the list of supplies I use mentioned in the videos.
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I will list some stuff on Amazon that pays me a commission so if you use that you will be helping me out with some gas money ! Thank you for watching and I will keep this updated with everything I find.

Here is a link to print out the rules and connector sheet

Amazon goodies !

Crimp kit

Heat gun

Label Printer

Heat shrink tape for printer

Clear adhesive lined Heat shrink

Flush cuts


Brass Splice Connectors

Wire use

TXL Budget

depending on your budget. If you plan to use milspec connector bulk heads I suggest you use the thinner Tefzel or you will have a hard time pinning it out.. The thinner stuff also makes for a nicer size loom and cheaper cost when you buy the Dr25.

I buy all my wire at


Raychem dr25 is non lined non adhesive so you can easily slide it over long runs. It shrink at a 2 to 1 ratio and has the size printed on it. Which makes itr very easy to work with.. Always use the largest diameter heat shrink you can that will be tight when fully recovered. This will give you the best protection and flexibility.
When I started I was using the smallest and was dead wrong !

I use Raychem ATUN for boots and sealing the ends of the DR25. It is lined with glue and will shrink at a 4 to 1 or a 3 to 1 ratio..

I buy all my heatshrink at